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Ny Form Troll 180, of Norway

dancing troll couple

size: 22 cm   8 3/4"
material: Natural latex, unbreakable

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dancing troll couple, original Norwegian NyForm Troll 180
Ny Form Troll 180, of Norway ,   Art.nr.: 840180  
  NyForm Troll put into the cart: dancing troll couple mailable:1-3days
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These are the only Authentic and Original Ny Form Trolls from Norway. They are produced in the Norwegian mountain village called Tynset since 1964. The trolls are all Handmade from fully natural materials (Latex with a part of chalk). The chalk makes them hydrophobic and the Latex unbreakably. But you should not let them fall down, because they may get angry. The most fragile part is the nose, which is so long. If the trolls are made by hand, they are different in hairs, colors, eyes. This makes every troll to a unique creature, which wants to be treated with respect. Many people find something of themselves in these characters. If you want give the troll a person, pay attention that this person has the same character like the troll, if they become good friends! Original Text: 123trolls.com, Do not copy it!
The handmade production of a troll is a long and complex work. First of all, the artist has to turn his idea into a three-dimension character, and this takes several days. A mould is made from the model, and you need a few weeks before the quality is good enough for production. It takes at least one day and one night to shape a Troll. Also, during the second night it goes through a secret process which strengthen it and harden its surface, so that it manages to survive to all trials. Finally, it takes on its own special features after a few other transformations.
The Ny Form trolls are considered small masterpieces, and therefore highly collectable, valuable objects. These Original Ny Form Trolls have won enduring Popularity among Collectors and lovers around the world. According to Legend Ny Form Trolls bring Good Luck. Give the troll a certain place in your flat. The Troll should not stand in directly sunlight. Because he can get tears and the color may fade. A single troll feels alone. The best is, you give him the company of another troll from the same troll familiy. © It is forbidden to reproduce or copy any part of this site, in any form. Images and text are subject to copyright.

Troll norvegese in lattex, Les Trolls Norvégiens Originaux.

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Please note, every Troll is manual work, so each Troll is a unique work. Small deviations from the picture are possible.